SCORM 1.2 Player


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Java Win Linux Mac

Download SCORM 1.2 Player version 1.2.2 cross-platform Install (9.64 mb)

This cross-platform version requires that you have already installed the latest version of Java on the machine and that it is configured to run "jar" files (file extension .jar) with Java.  (version 1.2.2 has fixes for reported problem on the Microsoft Vista platform).

Installation notes:

To install, unzip the contents of the zip file to your hard-drive.
To launch the program, locate and double-click the reload-scorm-player.jar file

The Player was developed by Paul Sharples.

See here for developer notes on making the Scorm player handle multiple users


Source code

Source code for the SCORM Player and all Reload tools and libraries

Source code for the Player and all Reload tools and libraries is available via the CVS repository at SourceForge, here:

Please follow the instructions suitable for your CVS client. The settings to access the CVS repository are:

Connection type: pserver
User: anonymous
Password: n/a
Repository path: /cvsroot/x4l-reload
(For Reload editor 2.5.x version source code, add 'testing' to the module name - i.e 'testing/')