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SUMMARY We're re-implementing our Learning Design Editor in the more flexible Eclipse environment.
A new Learning Design Editor is coming ...
We are pleased to announce that a new Reload Learning Design Editor will be released this Spring. We have completely re-designed and re-implemented the existing editor interface to bring great new features and improvements: We hope to get the first Level A version out in April. Then we shall release the Level B and C versions.

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What does it look like?
Here are some screenshots to provide a preview of the new eclipse version of the Learning Design Editor.

The editor generally looks quite like the current LD Editor, but there are a few key differences - click the thumbnail below to see a full size view of the editor User Interface. The project manager panel (at left) provides access to all your Learning Designs in one place. The Eclipse toolkit means we can adopt the native look and feel of the OS (Windows) and as the User interface widgets (dialog boxes, drop down lists etc.) are native, everything runs much more quickly. No more java-clunk. By the way, the software is still written in Java, and is still Free and Open Source!.

general view
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Here you will see that resources are now previewed 'inline' with the inbuilt web browser. Everything is done under one roof!

resources view
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You can even create your own resources within the tools.

editing a file
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Here is the environments panel ...

environments view
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... and the roles view.

roles view
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And the help will be much easier to use too.

dynamic help
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Remember this is a work in progress, the User Interface will evolve between now and April.