Welcome to the RELOAD web site, home to the RELOAD Content Package and Metadata Editor, and SCORM Player as well as the Learning Design Editor and Player. We are a JISC funded project (X4L strand B) developing tools to facilitate the use of emerging Learning Technology Interoperability specifications such as those produced by ADL and IMS.

Eclipse based Reload Editor is released
An eclipse based version of Reload Editor is available for download from this page. If you have come across any bugs/issues with this version of tool, please tell us.

Update (29/5/2007) -  New download files are now available for download fixing some packaging errors in this version of editor.

Last stable release of Java Swing based Reload (2.5.5) is also available for download from the Metadata and Content Package Editor page. This version includes support for IEEE LOM, SCORM 2004, IMS CP latest versions, and more (version 2.5.5 has bug fixes for SCORM 1.2 editor).

We now have Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Italian, German, French, Spanish, Catalan and Turkish language packs in addition to the Dutch one provided by Pierre Gorissen.

The latest language pack has been kindly provided by Arif Altun for Turkish language. Recent language pack addition includes Estonian provided by Andres Mellik, Simplified Chinese provided by Tang Wei and Traditional Chinese language pack provided by William Chao. Thank-you to all the language pack providers!

Is anyone else translating Reload? We'll link to the language packs you create if you tell us.

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News and Events

01October 2007
A new version (2.5.5) of Swing based Reload editor is now available from this page.

14 May 2007
Eclipse based Reload editor is now available from this page.

22 March 2006
The Reload SCORM Player version 1.2.2 is now available from the SCORM Player page.

02 March 2007
The Reload Editor 2.5.4 is now available from the Metadata and Content Package Editor page.

12 February 2007
Eclipse based Reload editor (beta version)  is now available from this page.

20 June 2006
The Reload Learning Design Player version 2.1.3 is now available from the LD Player page.

12 June 2006
The Reload Learning Design Editor version 2.1.3 is now available from the LD Editor page.

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The RELOAD tools are being used all around the world:
"Great tool, easy to use and our project associate has got a load of FE lecturers entering metadata!" Ian McCormick, EDIFHE, Elvis Project
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