From one of our previous projects, we bring Colloquia. Colloquia ... Colloquia is a software system that supports group working and group learning. It allows any user to set up a working or learning group around a particular topic (a context), add people to it, add resources (web pages, documents etc) to it, set up group tasks, and then engage in group and personal "conversations" about the topic.
To support this way of working, users can continually build a library of resources they can use in diferent contexts, and have access to detailed information about the people they are working with. These are "dragged and dropped" into new contexts.
Contexts can have sub-contexts, which can be set up by any participating member, containing sub-groups of members, additional resources and new tasks. Contexts and sub-contexts are only seen by their members.
Unlike most other groupware systems, you can do almost all of your work offline, making it ideally suited for those working at a distance and who have difficulty maintaining a permanent internet connection (either because of cost or for technical reasons). No server software is needed - all that is required is an email account for each user, plus our software. Perfect for the laptop user!
Since Colloquia is a multi-user system, it has the infrastructure needed to support specifications such as EML and IMS Learning Design. RELOAD will augment Colloquia with the capabilities of the package editor and the runtime system as soon as they are realised throughout the project duration. Meanwhile, visit the Colloquia website for further information about (and access to) the current version of the software.